What are Blackjack bonuses?

Blackjack bonuses are played along with a regular game of Blackjack, by wagering a bet on the outcome of a player's hand or dealer’s hand, or both. You can visit 1-online-casino-canada.com/ for detailed insight on Blackjack bonuses.

How Blackjack bonuses work

Blackjack bonuses allow you to wager on whether the player receives a natural Blackjack (to boost winnings), whether the dealer receives a natural Blackjack (to hedge on one’s bets), or a wager on both, the player and the dealer.

You can place your side bet chip(s) into the box designated the Bonus Blackjack Bet on the table. Blackjack allows you to place side bets for as low as $1, with payouts much higher than traditional Blackjack.

Why play Blackjack bonus

Although a side bet to the regular game of Blackjack, the bonus bets certainly add to the thrill and excitement of the game and your winnings. With permitted wagers as low as $1, it is certainly worth a go!

Things to consider before placing a bonus bet

Before placing your bet, consider the amount, odds, and incremental cost per bet. If you can afford it and if you feel it would make a substantial difference to you then, by all means, go ahead with your bet.

Playing Blackjack Bonus

A Blackjack bonus is a side bet that can be placed only if you are a player in the regular Blackjack game. You need to place your wager before the first two cards are dealt.

Placing the Blackjack bonus bet

Place your bonus bet in the side-bet circle that is next to the regular Blackjack bet. This bonus bet is independent of the regular bet and is paid whether you win or lose the regular bet.

Check for your winnings

Check to see if your wager was a hit or miss after the cards have been dealt. As mentioned earlier, all bonus bet winnings are independent of your regular game winnings. The payouts are as follows.

Blackjack bonus payouts are 50:1 for Jack+Ace of Spades, 25:1 for suited Jack+Ace of Hearts, Diamonds, or Clubs, and a 5:2 payout for other cards of the same suit. The bonus is lost in all other scenarios.

Play for enjoyment more than winnings

Blackjack bonuses are meant for fun and an added excitement to the game. However, it is best to play them sparingly, as it offers a much higher advantage to the casino per dollar that you wager.

Conclusion and final thoughts

Blackjack bonuses certainly add to the thrill of playing a game of Blackjack. It also offers players the chance to boost their winnings. However, sparingly wager small bets between $1 to $3 dollars to balance out your winnings.